Serendipity…a fortuitous happening; an unexpected event.

While working on a large architectural glass project several years ago, Carol took a break to play with some new and unique glass she had just received. She melted this dichroic glass into unique jewelry and began wearing her creations. People admired them and asked to buy them…Carol listened and began searching for a name. "Serendipity" seemed a good fit because of the unexpected response to her jewelry.   Many of her lines are born through experimentation or accidental mis-firings creating something surprising and unexpected.

Much of her jewelry is now created in a waterfront studio located in a remote water access location away from roads and "off the grid". An old style pelton wheel that converts water power into electricity provides power for the kiln. Jewelry created here is packed and taken by speedboat (as there are no roads) to a remote floating post office. From there, the Lady Rose, one of Canada's few remaining packet freighters, picks up your orders and the jewelry begins its journey to you.

From its inception, through manufacture and shipping, Serendipity Fused Glass Jewelry has a unique and unusual story.


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